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Lexus Dealerships To Get Makeover

Just the Facts:
  • Lexus dealerships will receive a makeover; "progressive luxury" will be touted.
  • Gold is out, replaced by platinum-color exterior, interior signage.
  • Some showrooms will reflect the natural beauty of the geographic area.

TORRANCE, California — The gold-color signage that has been Lexus' signature brand color for decades is being replaced with platinum-color signage as part of an effort to modernize the appearance of the brand and its dealerships.

The appearance change calls on dealers to renovate their dealerships in order to create what Lexus spokeswoman Allison Takahashi called "a new progressive luxury exterior design." Lexus has been using the platinum color logo on its Web site.

Dealers can select one of three templates for the exterior design. By contrast, the Toyota brand uses a cookie-cutter approach, essentially one architectural template for all its dealerships.

Takahashi would not provide a list of changes that are planned for Lexus' dealer body. However, she said the luxury brand's design team is working one-on-one with each dealership.

"For example, a dealership in the mountains chose to highlight the local, natural beauty of the area by integrating stone inside its facility," Takahashi said. "Another dealership commissioned a local photographer to take pictures of its local landmarks and mounted them throughout the facility to give customers a connection to the store."

Over the past years, some Lexus dealers have spent tens of millions of dollars to build multi-level dealerships. But while little of the renovation plan has been revealed, California Lexus dealer Peter Blackstock does not expect the automaker to require an extensive makeover of each dealership.

"I have not seen anything formal (that shows) what the next look will look like," Blackstock told Edmunds. "They've got some great stores out there and a lot of money has been put on these stores."

Blackstock owns Lexus Monterey Peninsula in Seaside, California.

Lexus' plan goes beyond the exterior and interior appearance of the dealerships. Takahashi said the intent is to develop a facility that "exceeds the expectations of our customers."

"Lexus works with each dealership to ensure the dealership is prepared to be best in market and provide a Lexus level of service," she said.

Edmunds says: Lexus borrows a lesson from credit card companies — platinum tops gold.

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