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Ken Stoepel Ford Lincoln Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary

KERRVILLE, TexasKen Stoepel Ford Lincoln's customers love a good success story.

The dealership celebrated its 50th anniversary by throwing a fancy party with a champagne toast, live music and an invitation for the community to attend. Nearly 600 people showed up.

"I thought 50 years was really important and now I know our community understands it, too," said Terry Massey, general manager.

Stoepel Ford, located about 60 miles from San Antonio, has helped 93 different local organizations in recent months, Massey told Edmunds.

"This community does benefit from our presence," Massey said.

Massey also discovered the party was good for business.

"We posted signs that the dealership was closed but guests were interested, so we sold cars during it and we delivered three cars that evening, even though part of the party was on the service drive," Massey said.

The success of the party has Massey reconsidering the dealership's annual marketing plan to include more golden anniversary references.

"I've just given the ok on seven or eight outdoor billboards that will be up about six months, and they reference our 50 years with a picture of a 1966 Mustang, our birth year," he said.

"After seeing the success of the party, we may use the anniversary as a springboard all year," Massey said.

Edmunds says: One dealership finds a golden opportunity in its long-term success.

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