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Kansas Acura Dealership Offers Free Luxury Services to Its Customers

Just the Facts:
  • Acura of Wichita offers its customers after-sale perks that range from free airport shuttle service to at-home car washes.
  • The Acura dealership delivers free lunches from local delicatessens to its customers who are waiting while having service work done, and will even pick up shoppers' dry cleaning.
  • The dealership offers these services to all buyers, whether the car is new or used.

WICHITA, Kansas — In hopes of pleasing its customer base, Acura of Wichita offers free after-sale luxury perks that go far beyond the complimentary snacks and key chains that many car shoppers have come to expect from a dealership.

About five years ago, Acura of Wichita began offering customers what it calls the Luxury Experience, a free package of benefits for anybody who purchases a new or used car from the dealership.

"Whether a customer buys our least expensive used car or our highest priced new car, he will get these perks," says Jared Wilbert, sales manager at Acura of Wichita. Wilbert says these services go a long way toward building relationships with buyers.

The benefits are meant to make a visit to the dealership more enjoyable and include a business center that's available for customers who are waiting for service, free delivered lunches and courtesy dry-cleaning pickup.

However, the services that stand out most are those that don't take place on dealership property. These are luxury benefits that the dealership brings to the customer.

When busy Acura of Wichita customers need their vehicles serviced, the dealership will pick the cars up from home or work and take the cars to the dealership for the service. The dealership then drops off the car with the customer when the work is done, at no additional charge. A service as minor as a tire rotation qualifies for the pickup service.

The dealership also gives its customers courtesy car washes whenever they need one. What makes this offering unique is that the car wash is just as likely to happen in the car owner's own driveway as it is on dealership property. Acura of Wichita provides a mobile car-wash service, saving the owner a trip.  

Should a car that the shopper purchased at the dealership ever need a tire or battery replaced while on the road, that's covered, too. All cars that the dealership sells include roadside assistance, also at no charge to the customer.

Perhaps the most popular mobile service offered by the dealership is its airport shuttle service. When an Acura of Wichita customer needs to fly out of town, the customer can schedule a ride to and from the airport through the dealership. The dealership will send a driver to pick up the customer from home, drop him off at airport, and then pick him up when he returns home.

This service does more than save the car owner the hassle of driving to the airport. It also saves the expense of airport parking. This service is available around the clock daily, and like the other luxury perks, costs the customer nothing. Wilbert says the dealership makes airport shuttle runs dozens of times per day, and has led directly to at least one deal.

"We have a customer who is a frequent flyer," he says. "When it was time to upgrade his vehicle, he decided to use the money he was saving monthly on airport parking and apply it to a new car."

With results like that, Wilbert says that the dealership considers the cost of the perks money well spent.

"We can spend money on newspaper ads, or use that same money to focus on pleasing the customers we already have," he says.  

 Edmunds says:  By offering valuable free perks and services to its sold customers, Acura of Wichita proves it understands that customer service doesn't end when the deal is done.     

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