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Jeep Wrangler Pickup, SRT Barracuda Missing From Chrysler's Product Plans

Just the Facts:
  • Chrysler's five-year plan is likely to disappoint some Jeep Wrangler and Barracuda enthusiasts.
  • There are no plans to develop the Wrangler "lifestyle" pickup truck favored by the Jeep CEO.
  • The "Barracuda" name won't be resurrected.

AUBURN HILLS, Michigan — A review of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' five-year business plan likely will disappoint Jeep Wrangler and Barracuda enthusiasts.

Despite executive endorsements for the development of two future vehicles, neither vehicle appears in the automaker's 2014-‘18 business plan. Each brand's product plans were revealed at the automaker's Investors Day on Tuesday.

As recently as February 2013, Jeep CEO Mike Manley told Edmunds that 2017 was the possible target date to introduce a Wrangler pickup truck.

"I am convinced there is a market," Manley told Edmunds in an interview at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show. "I think that if we were going to do it, the appropriate time would be the model changeover of Wrangler."

He envisioned a "life-styled oriented pickup."

The redesigned Wrangler will hit showrooms in 2017, the automaker revealed at the Investor Day program. However, the pickup truck is not listed in future vehicle plans.

Chrysler's Mopar parts group has offered for the past several years a conversion package that can be installed by a dealer, which converts a two-door Wrangler into a pickup.

The SRT Barracuda was expected to be a high-performance, V8-powered four-seater that would be developed on a rear-drive Alfa Romeo platform.

Industry sources expected the car to replace the Dodge Challenger later this decade. Instead, the Challenger will be redesigned and go on sale in 2018.

The Plymouth Barracuda was a four-seater that competed with the Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang and other pony cars from 1964-'74. Chrysler dropped the Plymouth brand in 2001.

Edmunds says: Wrangler owners who want a pickup truck will have to rely on the Mopar conversion kit and a Jeep dealer's skills.

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