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Ide Dealerships Sponsor Special Needs Theatre Group

ROCHESTER, New York — The Ide Family of Dealerships is playing a new role as it puts the spotlight on theatre group Artists Unlimited, Inc.

Ide is sponsoring the theatre group, whose mission is providing individuals with developmental and physical disabilities opportunities to perform in live musical theatre.

Because Artists Unlimited is performing Seussical in November, Ide created a Dr. Seuss-inspired print advertisement that promotes its Honda, Mazda and Volkswagen dealerships.

It reads: "'You're going too fast!!' my mother would yell. Going too fast.... I remember that well. We would swoosh and woosh when we went by.... To play with our cars was the best, I wouldn't lie. Honda, Mazda, or Volkswagen: It's hard to decide. Thanks to my family, my family at Ide!"

The Seuss spoof is running in the playbill, as well as on social media sites.

"This is our first year sponsoring this and we like to tie our advertising to themes, so that's why we went with Dr. Seuss," Rich Ide, vice president of the Ide group, told Edmunds.

Ide also volunteered to be a celebrity bartender at an Artists Unlimited fundraiser at a local pizzeria.

"We wouldn't be here without this community," said Ide, who was in several plays in his youth. "It's important for us to support the people who support us."

Edmunds says: Creative marketing, Dr. Seuss style, may sell one car, two car, red car, blue car.

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