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Hyundai Dealership Doubles Warranty on New Cars

Just the Facts:
  • Alabama Hyundai dealer doubles factory warranty to 20 years or 200,000 miles on all new cars sold.
  • Tameron Hyundai is also providing a lifetime powertrain warranty on select pre-owned vehicles.
  • The extended warranties are provided at no additional cost.

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama — With the Hyundai brand seeing growth in the Birmingham area, the staff at Tameron Hyundai is looking to make the purchase experience better for its customers.

To rewards buyers for doing business with Tameron Hyundai, the dealership is doubling the powertrain warranty on every new Hyundai car it sells.

For 20 years or 200,000 miles, this extended warranty from Tameron Hyundai will cover the repair or replacement of most powertrain components that were originally installed by Hyundai if the part is defective from factory workmanship or material. This warranty is included at no additional cost to the customer.

The factory-suggested services must be done to keep the warranty in effect, but Tameron doesn't mandate that the service be done at their dealership (although the work does have to be done at a Hyundai dealership). Nor do they mandate that the repair or replacement of a defective part be done at Tameron Hyundai. The 200,000-mile warranty follows the car, not the dealership. The standard warranty from Hyundai is 10 years/100,000 miles.

Because the warranty work does not need to be done at Tameron Hyundai, buyers from as far away as Mississippi and Florida have made the drive to this dealership to take advantage of this unique benefit.

"Many dealers offer clients perks to do business at their store: free oil changes, free car washes, etc. But I wouldn't personally want to drive 50 miles to get a free car wash, so some of those perks are limited. We wanted to offer something that was a real value and set us apart from the competition," says Richard Wall, new car sales manager at Tameron Hyundai.

Customer reaction to the 200,000-mile warranty has been positive. Wall says that he has seen buyers from other brands move to Hyundai to take advantage of this warranty.

"Some groups of buyers tend to keep cars a long time, and we've seen buyers who are traditionally loyal to one brand come buy our products. Buick buyers, for example," says Wall. "People are looking for a good value, and this warranty is a good value."

Tameron Hyundai also offers a unique benefit for its customers who purchase select used vehicles: a powertrain warranty that is good for as long as the purchaser owns the vehicle, regardless of miles driven.

Having the vehicle serviced in accordance with the recommended services in the maintenance journal at a certified mechanic is all that's required to keep this warranty valid. Everything that is covered by the factory powertrain warranty as a new car is covered under this warranty.

This warranty is included with most pre-owned vehicles, and is also given to the buyer at no additional cost.

For the month of October, Tameron Hyundai is donating $100 for every new car sold to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama. Tameron Hyundai also recently sponsored an event called Uncorked on the Green, partnering with other local businesses to raise more funds to donate to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama.

Edmunds says: Dealers are doing more than ever to keep their customers happy before and after the sale. Extended warranties help buyers get the most out of their cars.

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