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Honda Revises Number of Vehicles Affected by Nationwide Airbag Recall

TORRANCE, California Honda on Monday revised downward the number of vehicles affected by its nationwide driver-side airbag recall campaign linked to defective Takata airbags. It also published a summary of affected vehicles.

The automaker now says that approximately 5.4 million vehicles, including vehicles previously included in a regional action, will be covered by the expanded recall. That's approximately 600,000 fewer cars than announced earlier.

Honda now has added 2.6 million vehicles to the approximately 2.8 million vehicles previously included in the regional safety improvement campaign first announced in June.

Honda spokesman Chris Martin said in an e-mailed message to Edmunds that the original number provided last week was "larger than the actual, once we better identified the vehicle population."

"Honda is expanding this safety improvement campaign to address concerns raised by its customers whose vehicles were not included in the regional campaign," Honda said in a statement on Monday.

The recalled Honda vehicles include:

2001-'07 Honda Accord with four-cylinder engines
2001-'02 Honda Accord with V6 engines
2001-'05 Honda Civic
2002-'06 Honda CR-V
2003-'11 Honda Element
2002-'04 Honda Odyssey
2003-'07 Honda Pilot
2006 Honda Ridgeline
2003-'06 Acura MDX
2002-'03 Acura TL
2002 Acura CL

The inflators in the defective airbags can explode and spray shrapnel at vehicle occupants.

Honda said the nationwide recall will be conducted in stages over several months, with owner notification "prioritized by geographic area in the order of highest perceived risk." The recall had been initially limited to high-humidity states.

Mailed notification to customers in the original campaign began in September and "additional mailed notification letters will be sent to registered owners over time," Honda said.

Owners can contact Honda at 1-800-999-1009 or Acura at 1-800-382-2238 or obtain the most updated information here.

Edmunds says: Owners should wait for their official recall notice and then schedule a service appointment. If you have an immediate concern or would like information about a free loaner or rental vehicle as you wait, it's best to contact your dealer.

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