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Honda Helps Car Shoppers Find Greenest Dealers

TORRANCE, CaliforniaHonda is helping car shoppers find its "greenest" dealers, courtesy of a handy online guide.

The guide tells car shoppers which Honda and Acura dealerships have received Silver, Gold or Platinum Environmental Leadership Awards from the company.

To date, seven Honda and Acura dealerships have received Platinum awards, while 11 have received gold and 27 have received silver awards.

More than 280 Honda and Acura automobile and Honda powersports dealers are enrolled in the green dealership program.

The greenest Honda and Acura dealers include Headquarter Honda in Clermont, Florida; Acura of Thousand Oaks in Westlake Village, California; Sierra Honda in Monrovia, California; Vatland Honda in Vero Beach, Florida and Planet Honda in Union, New Jersey.

Rossi Honda in Vineland, New Jersey is also a model green citizen. In January, it became the nation's first dealership to achieve "Electric Grid Neutral" status by producing as much as or more energy from renewable energy sources than it consumes from its local electric utility over a one-year period, according to Honda.

"This is a pinnacle example of the effort being made by many Honda and Acura dealers to reduce their environmental footprint through the Environmental Leadership Program we established roughly three years ago," said Steven Center, vice president of American Honda's Environmental Business Development Center, in a statement.

The green dealers have a goal of achieving zero net energy use.

To get on the path of achieving that goal, many install high-efficiency lighting systems and motion sensors that turn lights off when they're not needed, use programmable thermostats, replace older air-conditioning and heating systems with newer, more energy-efficient equipment and add solar panels.

Edmunds says: If you're passionate about energy conservation, you'll want to check out these green Honda and Acura dealers.

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