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Holiday Auto Helps Staff Embrace Healthy Lifestyles

FOND DU LAC, Wisconsin Holiday Automotive believes a healthy workforce creates healthy car sales.

The dealership group is committed to helping its staff embrace healthy eating habits, exercise and overall wellness by hosting monthly programs and activities, many laced with humor and fun.

While they're currently holding a "Transform Yourself" program to keep holiday weight gain at bay, this summer's plank contest invited employees at the beginning of June to show how long they could hold a plank, a core exercise often used in Pilates that simulates a push-up with the body resting on the elbows, forearms and toes. The exercise helps to build strong abdominal muscles.

The dealership re-tested participating employees at the end of the month and the most-improved male won a championship title belt similar to a wrestler, while the most-improved female got to sport a tiara and sash. Both got bragging rights for a year.

The plank contest replaced last year's pushup contest, said Tracy Patrouille, human resources specialist and a wellness committee member at Holiday Automotive.

"We're already thinking about next year's and we might be doing wall sits, which seem easy but leave your legs feeling wobbly quickly," Patrouille told Edmunds.

Holiday Automotive regularly gives its employees incentives to boost participation. After the staff achieved a wellness benchmark recently, dealership President Mike Shannon agreed to chauffeur duty, driving service customers in the dealership's service shuttle.

"When an employee realizes an employer cares about their health, then they care more about their health," Patrouille said. "Yes, being healthy sells cars because a healthier employee is more productive."

Edmunds says: Great abs mean great sales, as this dealership is discovering.

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