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Grappone Toyota Offering Evening of Car-Care Tips for Women

Just the Facts:
  • Grappone Automotive Group invites women to a free dinner and car-care clinic on Thursday, October 16, in an evening it says was "designed for women, by women."
  • The dealership is in its fourth generation in the Grappone family, and the current owner is a woman, Amanda Grappone Osmer.
  • Women will be able to visit several educational stations where they can learn to change wiper blades, change tires, check fluids, jump-start a battery and understand what the dealer's technicians need to know to help them with repair needs.

BOW, New Hampshire — This small town in central New Hampshire is rich in tradition and so is the Grappone Automotive Group,  in business for 90 years and now in its fourth generation of family ownership.

But it's forward-looking, too. On Thursday, October 16, the dealer's Grappone Toyota will hold a car-care clinic specifically for women.

The event starts at 5:30 p.m. with dinner served at the dealership and a female police officer talking about safe driving.

Then participants can visit individual learning stations in any order. They will include a demonstration of how to change a flat tire, change wiper blades, check the car's fluids, and jump-start a dead battery.

The dealer will even pair smartphones to the visitors' own cars, if needed, and will explain "when their vehicle makes a certain noise and why that plays an important role for our techs," says Vicki Kaspszak of Grappone Toyota.

The dealership has been doing these events for "a number of years," Kaspszak said.

She told Edmunds that "most of our guests are current customers" but many bring friends and family along, including some men.

"It's very relaxed, and we say it's information without intimidation," she said.

Grappone Automotive's current owner, Amanda Grappone Osmer, is a fourth-generation member of the Grappone family. She said it's "fun for us to open the shop and provide staff in an all-female setting; to answer questions that some females might not feel comfortable asking." 

Guests are also treated to promotional gifts that they can pick up at the various tables, and raffles are held giving away $100 gift cards for groceries and gas, with the top prize a full set of new tires.

The Grappone Automotive Group sells Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Mazda, Scion, and Toyota products at dealerships in and around the capital city of Concord, six miles from Bow.

Edmunds says: Knowledge is power and Grappone Automotive Group has hit on a memorable way to harness the buying power of their female customers.

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