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Grand West Dealerships Buy $180,000 in Gift Cards To Support Local Economy

GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado — There is nothing small about the gesture Grand West Dealerships is making to mark Small Business Saturday, November 29.

The owner of Grand West Hyundai, Grand West Kia and Grand West Tractor is purchasing $180,000 worth of gift cards good at neighboring businesses in downtown Grand Junction to reward its own customers.

To distribute them, it is mailing out invitations to previous customers with "scratch to win" cards. The deal is partly an enticement to get the customers to return to the showroom to see what's new. If they're not in the market for a car, they may pick up their reward just for being a loyal customer.

The Downtown Grand Junction gift cards range from $50 to $500 and are good at 120 area businesses.

"We thought this was a nice way to support the community and other local businesses, as well as remind others of the importance of shopping local," said Ken Reeher, marketing manager for Grand West Dealerships.

The gift-card loyalty program began as a way to update the dealership's database, Reeher told Edmunds.

"We looked at our pre-existing customers who appeared to be in the buying cycle and thought, ?How can we get them into our showroom?'" he said.

While the loyalty program is expensive, Reeher concedes, he believes the dealership will get a better return on the mailers than the industry normally does.

"We've already gotten a positive reaction from this and the community likes that we're giving back to our neighbors," he said.

Edmunds says: A grand gesture to help fellow businesses is a sound business practice.

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