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F.X. Caprara Car Companies Put Premium on Longevity

PULASKI, New York F.X. Caprara Car Companies in New York rely on an experienced workforce, as its 92-year-old Ford sales consultant proves.

The dealership group, which sells 11 different car brands, employs Jimmy Edwards, 92, at its Ford location. He works full-time as a sales consultant five days a week for 8.5 hours each day.

He came to the dealership about 30 years ago when he sold the hardware store he owned.

"Whether I'm selling hardware or selling cars, basically it's the same," Edwards told Edmunds. "What I love is meeting people and being the go-between."

Other senior employees include Mary Clemo, a 77-year-old office manager, who sits near Title Clerk Michelle Meagher, 68. In the service department, mechanic Milton Steward, 71, has worked on Chevrolets for 50 years.

Their desire to work at the dealership group stems from the atmosphere the Caprara family has created, Internet Manager Brooke Caprara told Edmunds.

"We run a family operation, where everyone is close and in sync, and that plays a big role in them wanting to continue to work here," she said.

Customers immediately respond when they meet them, Caprara noted.

"There is nothing better than their old-school ways," she said. "Their work ethic is much different and it shows people loyalty, and that's good for our business because guests like seeing someone who has worked for us for so long."

Edmunds says: An inspirational story from a dealership that values all of its employees.

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