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Four Stars Auto Ranch Paints Dealership Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Just the Facts:
  • Four Stars Auto Ranch in Henrietta, Texas, takes Breast Cancer Awareness Month very seriously, and you can tell when you see the pink-painted dealership façade.
  • The dealership is also holding breakfast and lunch events for women on October 3 and 4, inviting women to "bring your mom, sister, or co-worker" for a meal and a health seminar.

HENRIETTA, Texas — Twenty miles east of Wichita Falls in north Texas sits the Four Stars Auto Ranch, a Buick, Chevrolet and Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealer. Although that sounds like a pretty macho corner of the world, the dealership has proudly painted the arch on the building's façade pink, rather than the usual Chevrolet blue, this month.

The color choice is in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but the dealer has gone further. It is inviting women to come to the dealership for breakfast and lunch seminars this Friday and Saturday, October 3 and 4. There they will be treated to a free seminar on women's health concerns — and tips on maintaining their cars — along with the meal.

Jackie Hoegger, owner of the dealer's agency, Hoegger Communications, came up with the idea.

"When I presented it, they said, ?What?' But then they understood and they said "OK!" Hoegger told Edmunds. "This is a tiny town, but it sits on a major interstate between Dallas-Fort Worth and Wichita Falls, and the dealership sits up on a hill; you can't miss it.

"When we were painting the pink arches, everyone was honking, 18-wheelers were blowing their horns. It was so exciting! Now we have people stopping, even making U-turns to come in to the dealership and saying thank you because they have a mother or a sister in the fight" against breast cancer.

"People are saying they've never seen anything like this, because it's so visual."

At the event this Friday and Saturday, the pink theme will extend to a pink floor in the dealership and pink-frosted cake, among other treats.

More importantly, a team of "incredible physicians" are coming to talk about the latest breast health information.

"But we're also going to sneak in a few things about what every woman should know about car maintenance," Hoegger said. "We want them to know that, as women, they need to take charge of their own car and its maintenance."

Sales staff will be available to meet and talk to the attendees.

How is the staff enjoying this pink theme?

"The guys are just loving this!" Hoegger said. Four Stars Auto Ranch, she said, "has salesmen whose wives are in the fight with breast cancer right now, and salesmen whose wives are successful overcomers and leading a healthy life. We want to honor the women in our dealership family and all females in this worldwide fight against breast cancer."

The pink theme will stay up all month, coming down around November 5.

"This has been fun because it's way out of the box," Hoegger said.

Four Stars Auto Ranch has been in business for 25 years. In addition to Chrysler products, it also features Chevrolet and Buick vehicles and is a member of Red River Best Chevy Dealers, which also includes three dealerships in Oklahoma and one in nearby Wichita Falls, Texas.

The dealer group collected more than 800 donated bicycles for kids in need, filling the dealership with brightly colored kids' bikes, as part of a holiday charity push last year.

Edmunds says: This is a brilliantly eye-catching way for the dealer to display support for an important cause.

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