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Ford Offers New Mustang Owners More Perks

A range of events in 2024 will be geared toward fans of America's muscle car

2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse
  • Owners of 2024 Mustangs will be invited to participate in a number of events across the country next year.
  • Dark Horse buyers will be the first, with Ford-sponsored track time at Charlotte Motor Speedway.
  • While the program is covered, Dark Horse owners have to pay up for room and board.

New Ford Mustang owners are invited to participate in a range of Mustang-centric events in 2024 as part of a new ownership experiences program. Ford is kicking off things off with Track Attack at Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina. Here, Dark Horse owners can learn how to maximize the car’s potential on track, through an autocross course, and on the skidpad.

The program itself will be free, but Dark Horse owners will have to cover the costs of transportation and accommodations. Registration for Track Attack opens in January 2024.

This latest effort is also part of a broader trend at Ford. Buyers of a 2021 or newer Bronco, 2021 or 2022 Bronco Sport Badlands, or any 2023 Bronco Sport were eligible to attend the brand’s Bronco Off-Roadeo in Moab, Utah. We did, and the event showcased the off-road capabilities of Ford’s SUVs to buyers and media alike. It’s an interesting way to teach owners about their vehicles in a safe, monitored environment, with the added perk of building a little customer loyalty.

For the Mustang, experiences won’t be limited to buyers of the high-dollar, high-powered Dark Horse. Even new owners of the much more modestly priced EcoBoost Mustangs can take part in events too. Things are still in the early stages, but Ford says some events will take place at Ford’s Performance Racing School in Charlotte. Owners of less track-focused Mustangs will be able to learn many of the same skills taught to Dark Horse buyers in the Track Attack program. There will be more courses to choose from as well, like line-lock burnout classes (very Mustang).

If track work isn’t your thing, Ford also plans a number of other roving events for several cities across the U.S. next year. What exactly will be in store isn't yet clear but the automaker wants to give Mustang fans opportunities to connect in person. Ford is also planning to connect owners through a digital portal — think of it as a Ford-run forum. A Ford-um, if you will.

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Edmunds says

It’s easy to see why owner-focused events are gaining traction at Ford. We wouldn’t be surprised to see other manufacturers give similar programs a shot in the coming months and years.