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Volkswagen I.D. Buzz First Impression

If you're the type of nostalgic Volkswagen owner who has ever yearned for a modern microbus, VW may have finally answered your prayers. Well, sort of. What it has come up with might be better than the Woodstock crowd ever hoped for, because the new I.D. Buzz (pronounced "bus") concept is an all-electric vehicle with throwback styling and an ultra-modern design. And just imagine all the Earth-friendly street credit you can earn by telling your neighbors that you bought an electric VW Bus.

According to VW, this concept vehicle can get up to 270 miles of electric range on the U.S. test cycle. That's more than almost all EV competitors, and it would certainly be more useful than just for the local, in-town driving. It's just a concept for now, mind you, but Volkswagen says it comes standard with all-wheel drive and that there's a rear-wheel-drive version (with a smaller range) that's also available. Sounds pretty specific for something that's just a concept.

On the inside, the I.D. Buzz is full of futuristic design cues and features. There's a massive center screen next to the driver as well as a vaguely rectangular steering wheel, both of which give the interior a Jetsons-esque kind of vibe. With the batteries stored under the floor, the rear of the Buzz is pretty massive. There's plenty of room for a third row of seating, a table or even a bed to sleep in.

The I.D. Buzz is part of the Volkswagen I.D. family of electric vehicles, from which you can expect several vehicles to debut in the future. Volkswagen says it plans to make 1 million electric vehicles a year (worldwide) and that this concept is just the beginning. What's more, it will also build its own, large-scale electric-charging infrastructure throughout the United States.

With several months of bad press about the diesel scandal surrounding Volkswagen, the VW folks are looking for some good, environmentally friendly news, and this might just help turn the tide. If the I.D. Buzz does eventually become a functional, family-friendly production vehicle, VW is sure to win back at least a few diesel customers. And if the technology from the Buzz transfers well into other platforms, we may be looking at an electric-heavy VW lineup for years to come.

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