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Fiat-Chrysler Dealers Tap Into "Recall Central" To Aid Customers

AUBURN HILLS, Michigan — Fiat-Chrysler dealers now have access to "Recall Central," a new Internet portal that consolidates recall campaign information so dealers may better assist customers.

The new portal debuted late last week.

It "makes it easier for dealers to access complete, up-to-the-minute information on recalls to better inform customers and schedule service," Fiat-Chrysler spokesman Eric Mayne told Edmunds on Sunday.

He said the automaker will provide a progress report on the effectiveness of "Recall Central" in about six months.

Fiat-Chrysler said in a statement it is working with federal safety regulators and the industry "to increase recall completion rates by encouraging customers to heed recall notices."

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said every year, on average, 25 percent of recalled vehicles are left unrepaired. Last year, there were close to 900 recalls affecting 51 million vehicles nationwide.

Fiat-Chrysler is under pressure from the federal government to improve its handling of recalls.

Last July, U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announced enforcement action and penalties against Fiat-Chrysler as a result of the automaker's handling of 23 vehicle safety recalls involving more than 11 million defective vehicles.

They include a recall for the 1993-'98 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The SUV is under recall due to a defective gas tank that can catch fire if the vehicle is struck from behind.

Edmunds says: Dealers are a key link in the recall-completion chain. This new Internet portal should be an invaluable tool when it comes to getting the job done.

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