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The Bus Is Back: VW Teases the ID.Buzz, and It's More Than Just a Concept

The nostalgia is real, and so is the car

  • The electric Volkswagen bus, the ID.Buzz, was just teased again.
  • This is the closest look we’ve had at a production version.
  • The ID.Buzz will be here in 2023, probably as a 2024 model.

We’ve waited and wondered and now we finally have our first good look at the 2024 Volkswagen ID.Buzz. Volkswagen showed off the new ID.5 and ID.5 GTX yesterday, but we aren’t getting those swoopy versions of the ID.4 crossover SUV. The car we will get, however, was teased near the end of VW’s near 12-minute long presentation.

The rainbow camo-clad ID.Buzz in the video looks far closer to the production version than the concept that was shown at Pebble Beach a few years ago. The overall look of the car hasn’t changed much, but important bits like mirrors, real door handles, the real VW badge and wheels that look production-ready are all present and correct in the teaser we saw.

Volkswagen ID.Buzz

Volkswagen ID.Buzz

VW didn’t take us inside, so we don’t know what the seat layout will be and we don’t get a look at the rear of the car either. That said, this teaser has, at the very least, given us hope that the new bus will look just as cool as the concept.

As a refresher, the ID.Buzz will likely be based on VW’s modular MEB architecture, the same platform that sits underneath the ID.4 and the automaker's other EVs including the ID.5 and ID.3. It will likely have similar specs to the ID.4, so expect around 260 miles of EV range to start. The rest of the EV-licious details are still under wraps, but VW did say it’ll be releasing more info early on in 2022.

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We can’t wait.