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Dickson City Hyundai Raffles 2016 Elantra Lease To Fund Special Playground

SCRANTON, Pennsylvania Dickson City Hyundai is raffling a three-year lease on a 2016 Elantra to help the Scranton School District build a sensory playground for autistic students.

While it will be open to the entire community, the equipment — including tunnels, monkey bars and climbing areas — is designed specifically with the autistic child in mind.

Autism spectrum disorder is a group of developmental disabilities that can cause significant social, communication and behavioral challenges, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Each raffle ticket costs $10 and they hope to sell 5,000 of them, said Carlos Roedan, general sales manager.

"The school district approached us because they need about $50,000 to make the playground happen," Roedan told Edmunds

His dealership sold about 40 tickets the first day, 10 of which he bought personally.

"We've put them in the service department to keep them centrally located," Roedan explained. "A sales person will walk someone over to the service department on a tour of the dealership and mention the tickets."

Besides the dealership, the tickets will be sold at various businesses and sporting events around town.

Roedan said the dealership also is putting up billboards about the cause and will try to get it publicized on the radio.

"We knew this was a good idea when we heard it and we also knew it would be great PR, but what we're really trying to do with the raffle is to bring the community together for a good cause," Roedan said.

Edmunds says: This dealership doesn't play around when it comes to helping the local community.

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