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Denver BMW Dealership Touts the Power of One

Just the Facts:
  • Colorado BMW dealership's "Power of One" program was created to streamline the car buying process.
  • Schomp BMW's Power of One program offers car shoppers one low price, one person to work with throughout the entire dealership visit, and a deal done in one hour.
  • The dealership is the only dealer in Colorado to receive the Center of Excellence award from BMW.

HIGHLANDS RANCH, ColoradoSchomp BMW acknowledges common customer complaints with its Power of One program. The Power of One program assures its customers will receive one price, work with only one person, and complete a deal in one hour.

Here is how the program works. Once a customer and the salesperson have selected the right car, little time is wasted on negotiations as most cars in inventory have already been reduced from MSRP, with discounts and savings amounts clearly disclosed and easy to understand.

The customer continues to deal only with their non-commissioned salesperson throughout the rest of the transaction. No deal closers, transfers to sales managers, or hand-off to the finance and insurance manager.

The salesperson will target having the deal finalized and the customer in their new car in about an hour from the time all the terms are worked out. This includes having all official documents signed.

This is an important step toward reducing the time spent in a dealership; average transaction times for a new car purchase hover around 4.5 hours, according to J.D. Power and Associates.

These initiatives have garnered the dealership hundreds of positive online customer reviews along with exclusive awards. Most notably, the dealership recently joined an elite group of BMW dealers by earning the Center of Excellence Honor from BMW of North America. It was the only BMW dealer in Colorado to earn the distinction, and one of only 32 across the country to get the award.

Edmunds says: Creating a program to streamline the buying process is a great way to win shopper loyalty.

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