Couch Potatoes Get Stylish Ride With Fiat 500 Sofa

Just the Facts:
  • The new Fiat 500 Design Collection features a sofa, a coffee table and lots of fun.
  • The 500-themed furniture is available in the U.S. via MADinItaly.
  • One version of the sofa features the colors of the Italian flag.

MILAN, Italy — When Fiat had a media presentation here this week for the new Fiat 500L Living and Trekking compacts, the cars naturally took center stage.

But in the background, vying for attention, lurked these impossibly cool, Italian-themed sofas, borrowing the look of the classic Fiat 500 of the '70s.

The sofas are the work of designer Lapo Elkann, working in collaboration with Meritalia, an Italian company specializing in high-quality designer furniture.

Elkann, who is the grandson of Fiat's late powerful chairman, Giovanni Agnelli, had a spell working inside the giant auto company as brand production manager, but then started a new career as a designer with his own fashion brand.

One spin-off is this "Fiat 500 Design Collection" which comes in the form of a sofa, console and table.

The sofa (measuring 50.5 inches across) has a steel perimeter frame. The covers come in either fabric or leather and can be ordered in different colors, although we reckon the Italian tricolor style could be the favorite.

All items carry the label "Lapo and Meritalia pay homage to the Fiat 500."

While the Panorama sofa is priced at 5,000 Euros in Europe, this becomes $6,800 when imported into the U.S. due to exchange rate, plus shipping and customs.

MADinItaly, a design store in the Miami design district in Florida has exclusivity for the Fiat 500 Design Collection in the US.

"We can supply from stock in Miami unless it is a custom order because it's possible to choose any color," a store representative told Edmunds.

Edmunds says: We're waiting for the Fiat 500 Abarth sofa.

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