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Report: The Chrysler 300 Might Live On as an Electric Vehicle

The car that refuses to die

Chrysler 300
  • The Chrysler 300 might live on as an EV.
  • A big EV offensive is coming from Chrysler, and a sedan is potentially in the works.
  • We might see this new 300 as soon as 2026.

The Chrysler 300 is one of those cars that seemingly refuses to go away. The current generation of 300 has been on sale since 2011, and it looks like even the electric future that Chrysler has planned for itself will include the iconic sedan. Drive recently cited insider information that the 300 might live on as an EV.

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Chrysler Future EV

Remember, Chrysler is right at the start of a reinvention. The Airflow Concept that debuted previewed both a specific product from Chrysler — an eventual EV SUV — and an all-new, entirely electric direction for the brand. According to Drive, a new electric-powered sedan and possible next generation of the 300 is also a part of that new direction, and we could see the new car as soon as 2026. The current 300 is more than a decade old, so a new one can't quite come soon enough.

According to Drive, what looks like an eventual 300 EV will be built on the large STLA EV platform and will have around 500 miles of electric range. The EV platform will also feature an 800-volt architecture that enables fast charging and allows the battery packs to be up to 118 kilowatt-hours in size. Both single- and dual-motor versions will reportedly be offered, and power outputs will range from 201 horsepower to 442 hp.

Chrysler Future EV

Stellantis hasn't exactly teased a 300 EV, but during its battery-day presentation in 2021, the company did show a slide of a sedan with a fastback-style profile. Stellantis design chief Ralph Gilles also mentioned the company's intention to produce a long-range electric luxury sedan in that same presentation. Considering that it would make sense for Chrysler to build a sedan (instead of another Stellantis brand like Jeep or Ram), it's not out of the realm of possibility that he was hinting at the next iteration of the 300.

Edmunds says

We are slowly getting more and more excited about the electric renaissance that's happening at Chrysler.

Chrysler Future EV