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The Chevrolet Bolt Is the Edmunds Top Rated Electric Car for 2023

The Bolt makes an amazing comeback for 2023

2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV: Edmunds Top Rated Electric Car
  • The Chevrolet Bolt is the Edmunds Top Rated Electric Car for 2023.
  • But why the Bolt, you might ask.
  • Because it just makes so much sense. Allow us to explain.

The Chevrolet Bolt EV is the Edmunds Top Rated Electric Car for 2023. The Bolt? Really? Yes, really. This little bow-tie badged EV makes so much sense that it's impossible to ignore, and too good to simply write off because of its humble status. Thanks to a blend of utility, handy features, a healthy range rating, and a fantastically low price of entry, the Bolt is a hands-down pick for Edmunds Top Rated Electric Car for 2023.

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The Bolt isn't the flashiest, best-driving, most potent or even the blue-est electric car you can buy right now. That's mostly down to the fact it doesn't need to be. Instead the Bolt plays all the averages and combines everything you need and plenty of what you want in an affordable, attainable package.

2023 Chevrolet Bolt Interior dashboard

Let's start with the obvious, its price. Starting at $27,495, the Bolt is one of the least expensive new cars you can buy in 2023, let alone one that's fully electric. It undercuts the Tesla Model 3 by more than $20,000 and you could buy three Bolts, with money left over, for the price of a base Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo. But it's not like that comes with major concessions. The Bolt's appeal is that it's both a complete package and an exceptional value.

With 259 miles of EPA-estimated range on tap (a number we beat by 19 miles in our real-world range test), the Bolt actually has more range than a number of equally-as-new competitors with much bigger batteries than its 66-kWh unit. It's also surprisingly efficient, consuming less energy during our real-world test than 54 of the 62 cars we've run through the same loop. And while similarly priced competitors like the Mini Cooper SE and Mazda MX-30 are serving up around 100 miles of range, the Bolt would be genuinely viable for a longer trip like the trek from LA to Vegas.

2023 Chevrolet Bolt exterior detail

Then there's simply how usable the Bolt is. It feels like any other little hatchback when you're inside, and while its interior doesn't scream luxury, it's functional and spacious enough for a family of four. Plus, the hatch provides practical and usable space, and the Bolt's small proportions mean it's easy to live with and park anywhere. Plus an EV powertrain does wonders for small cars that are typically powered by anemic, unrefined gas engines. Instead the Bolt's EV powertrain is smooth and gives the whole car an air of refinement that's hard to come by in this class.

Add its efficiency, range rating, and attainability together and you get an extremely compelling little EV. The Bolt is a near-perfect entry point for those who are curious about what EV ownership is like, and it will hopefully serve as a viable option for those with stricter budgets. The 2023 Bolt wins the Edmunds Top Rated Electric Car award not with flashy features but by nailing the basics — something many cars, EV or otherwise, have yet to get the hang of.

2023 Chevy Bolt interior detail

Edmunds says

The Bolt might not be the flashiest EV you can buy right now, but it's a stunning value that can't be ignored. Well done, Chevrolet. Click here to read more about the Edmunds Top Rated Electric Car and explore other Top Rated winners.