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Brotherton Cadillac Buick GMC Features Miss Washington Contestants in Commercials

RENTON, Washington — The 2015 Cadillac CTS, the Buick LaCrosse and the GMC Acadia aren't the only things of beauty at Brotherton Cadillac Buick GMC.

As the premier sponsor of the Miss Washington Scholarship Organization, also known as the Miss Washington Pageant, Brotherton regularly welcomes pageant contestants in its showroom to film commercials for its YouTube channel.

The videos began several years ago as a scholarship opportunity for the contestants. The commercials were to air during the live-stream broadcast of the pageant and whichever videos received the most views won the money, dealer owner Brad Brotherton told Edmunds.

Brotherton has continued the video tradition, expanding on it to include how-to videos starring Miss Washington 2014, Kailee Dunn, who walks viewers through checking the oil and brake lights.

The dealership also donates a car annually for Miss Washington to use during her appearances throughout the state. Dunn is driving a 2014 Buick Encore.

"It often turns out that the winner buys the car at the end of her title year," Brotherton said.

From the feedback from his sales-and-service customers, Brotherton believes working with the pageant is a real winner for his business.

"It helps us with our community awareness," he said. "People may have preconceived ideas about the pageants but if they look into the Miss Washington Scholarship Organization, they'll see so many positives, including how they are one of the largest volunteer networks around."

Edmunds says: One dealership discovers a beautiful way to raise community awareness.

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