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BMW Targets Newborns With Latest Ride

Just the Facts:
  • BMW and British stroller maker Maclaren have created the $385 BMW Buggy, a premium pram complete with its own VIN number.
  • The BMW logo can be found on many key spots on the stroller, including the hubcaps and the seatbelt buckle.
  • Silver Cross, a favorite stroller brand of the royal family, is producing an Aston Martin pram priced at nearly $3,000.

MUNICH, Germany — Newborn babies may now own a BMW before they can walk, let alone drive.

BMW has teamed up with premium British stroller maker Maclaren to create the luxury BMW Buggy, complete with its own VIN number. The stroller-maker is not associated with McLaren, the high-end British automaker.

BMW's handprint is everywhere on the stroller. The BMW roundels add pizzazz to the wheel's hubcaps and the seatbelt.

The BMW stroller is priced at $385 and is available in black, silver and blue.

"It's a shame there's only seating for one," the promo video's tagline reads.

Maclaren's designers sought inspiration for its shape and its materials by visiting BMW studios and the automaker's museum in Munich, Germany.

BMW poked fun of itself when it posted an April Fool's Joke on social media announcing the BMW P.R.A.M. (the Postnatal Royal Auto Mobile) — the British term for a stroller — in honor of future baby Prince George, the son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The fantasy pram boasted it had a N.A.P.P.I.E (Nanny Assisting Petrol Powered Injection Engine), the term for a diaper, and came in a "royal blue" or "princess pink" version.

The real BMW Buggy has competition in the luxury stroller market. Silver Cross, long a supplier of strollers to the monarchy, has created a limited-edition Aston Martin pram. Britain's Prince William has shown a liking for Aston Martins. He and wife, Kate, left their 2011 wedding in a 1969 Aston Martin DB6 MKII Volante on loan by William's father, Prince Charles.

The Silver Cross Aston Martin pram is priced at nearly $3,000 and is available through Harrods. It features the same leather upholstery found in Aston Martin cars.

The BMW Buggy is available online and at select stores.

For buyers on a budget, more affordable strollers are available from the Jeep brand.

Edmunds says: A stroller with a VIN? An expensive, but easy way to pick your stroller from the rest of the playground pack.

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