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Bismarck Motor Company's New Honda Dealership Houses Charitable Coffee Shop

BISMARCK, North Dakota Perks is just one of the perks of Bismarck Motor Company opening three new facilities this week to house its Honda, Nissan and Volkswagen dealerships.

This community-based café, located on the second floor of the 25,000-square-foot Honda dealership, donates a portion of its proceeds to local charitable causes, including Heartview Foundation, The Anne Carlson Center and Creative Connections & Opportunities.

"We really want to support our community on a local level," said Shaneille Ulmer, marketing director of Kupper Automotive, which owns Bismarck Motor. "Every other week we do a $25 donation per vehicle sold towards a community organization, a tradition Kupper Automotive has done for 30 years, so Perks is another step in giving back locally."

The food and beverages come from nearby eateries as well, including B.C. Bagels and Dunn Bros Bismarck.

Perks offers coffee, gourmet bagels and sandwiches, wraps and salads with car names like the Civic (ham & cheddar), 'Dub Club and Altima'te salad.

Patrons can skip asking for a medium or large because the proper terms at Perks are midsize and full-size to remind them of the vehicles on the showroom floor below.

Although the buildings, including Perks, officially opened Monday, Bismarck Motor Company is hosting a grand opening June 30 from 3:30-6:30 p.m.

"We like to think of this coffee shop as an added perk for our customers," Ulmer said.

Edmunds says: Buying local gets a boost from a dealership group committed to helping its community.

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