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AutoNation Ford Lincoln Orange Park Helps Husband Fulfill Wife's Dying Wish

JACKSONVILLE, Florida — A pair of AutoNation Ford Lincoln Orange Park employees helped a customer fulfill his wife's dying wish.

After spotting a 2011 Jeep Wrangler in the dealership's used lot, a customer, who later posted an online Edmunds review of the interaction, stopped in for a closer look.

Sales rep Ike Ettinger answered the shopper's questions and discovered the soft-top Jeep was his long-time dream.

"He told me late into our conversations it was on his bucket list, but it wasn't until much later did I find that it's also on his wife's bucket list," Ettinger told Edmunds.

Money was tight for the customer, he told Ettinger. His wife was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor and he needed the Jeep to take her on a ride through the Great Smoky Mountains in the early fall, with the top open for her to see the leaves change colors before she dies.

"Ike was so understanding of my situation and he dedicated himself to make this happen," the man, identified as "Raber" wrote.

Ettinger approached Finance Manager Ray Kwasneski, who worked with the customer's credit union to finance the Wrangler, getting the payments down to his desired range.

After discovering his wife's illness, they added GAP insurance and a four-year bumper-to-bumper warranty.

"In my 30 years in the business, I had never heard of something so moving," Kwasneski told Edmunds.

The transaction caused tears of joy.

"When I took the Jeep home to show my wife she cried for almost a half an hour," Raber wrote. "When she composed herself, it was on the road with the windows down. I can't thank Ike and Ray at AutoNation Lincoln enough for all that they did for the both of us. By making her last few months worth living. And by helping out a husband who was desperately trying to make her final few months memorable."

Edmunds says: A dealership with a big heart can make dreams come true.

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