Audi Introduces No-Wheel-Drive Ride

Audi Introduces No-Wheel-Drive Ride

Just the Facts:
  • Audi introduces its only no-wheel-drive "vehicle," probably the most inexpensive Audi has ever launched.
  • Finished in silver and embellished with the famous four Audi rings, the Audi sled is engineered to perform optimally at temperatures below zero.
  • The Audi sled has a $56 price tag in Europe, but Audi of America told Edmunds it's not yet available in the U.S.

LONDON — Audi is now offering a ride that will fit under the Christmas tree.

The German automaker has rolled out the silver Audi sled. It is Audi's only no-wheel-drive vehicle and probably the most inexpensive Audi has ever launched.

But it's far beyond the Flexible Flyers sleds seen on many U.S. hills. Plus, as far as we know, Flexible Flyer doesn't offer Quattro in its other products.

The Audi sled sports two ergonomic grips, an anatomical seat and "rib profiling" for optimum surface slip. It accommodates riders up to 220 pounds and is for children ages 6 and older.

The sled, officially dubbed the Snow Sledge, is priced at the U.S. equivalent of $56 and is found in Audi U.K.'s online shop.

It's not available in the United States, Andrew Lipman, Audi of America spokesman, told Edmunds in an e-mail.

Audi's sled comes as no surprise to Volkswagen fans, who have long touted VW sleds as some of the best-engineered sleds on the hills in Germany — including a high-tech one with GTI emblazoned on the side.

Edmunds says: A great way to get kids — and adults — into the Audi fold.

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