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Audi Fort Lauderdale Introduces High-Tech Dealership

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida Audi Fort Lauderdale knows how to successfully marry top-notch customer service with technology to make guests feel welcome.

The 158,000-square-foot dealership, owned by Qvale Auto Group, has accelerated transaction times, particularly in the service department.

When each new car is delivered, it's outfitted with a Radio Frequency Identification tag, known as RFID. When a guest drives the car in to the service department, the tag sends a signal to the service employee and a computer program, which displays the customer's name in bright lights, welcoming the driver to the dealership.

"It has a bit of a 'wow' factor because a lot of people are shocked when they see their name in lights when they drive in," Bret Macy, executive manager of Audi Fort Lauderdale, told Edmunds.

The RFID cuts the time of filling out the paper work, since the owner's information is already in the computer.

"It cuts down seven to 10 minutes on each repair order," Macy said, and considering it handles about 60 service customers each day, that's a significant time saver.

It helps at checkout time as well, particularly if the driver received a loaner.

That customer's information is in a tag on the loaner car, so when the guest returns to the dealership to pick up the repaired car, the RFID sends a signal to the valet, who knows to retrieve the car, wash it and deliver it to the service department soon after the customer pulls in the lot.

"The experience the customers have when they walk into a dealership needs to be a good experience, so having these types of features only makes the customer experience better," Macy said.

Edmunds says: Better customer service with the help of innovative technology is helping this dealership make its mark.

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