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Astoria Ford Adds Vintage Touch to Showroom Mix

ASTORIA, Oregon Astoria Ford owner Dane Gouge has a keen appreciation of popular culture, even writing thoughtful posts on the dealership blog about the Beatles, so it makes sense that a pair of vintage Fords are now occupying prime display space in the dealer's showroom next to the 2015 Ford F-150, Ford Fusion and Ford Escape.

The 1958 Ford F100 pickup truck and 1965 Thunderbird have been on display for a few months now, Sales Manager Rich Byrd told Edmunds.

The F-100 is available for sale, if you're interested, with a price tag of $18,991. It's listed as having a mere 815 miles on the odometer.  

The Thunderbird is also available, listed at $27,900, with 18,541 miles on its odometer. Both can be admired in close-up shots on the dealer's Facebook page.

Vintage-car buffs will remember that the Thunderbird, Ford's response to the Chevrolet Corvette, was introduced in 1954 as a sports car with "personal" appeal. The "Bird" was an overnight success.

Edmunds says: It's almost always a good thing to appeal to a customer's nostalgia, especially when it comes to cars.

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