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Report: The Porsche 911 Could Go All-Electric as Early as 2028

Are the EV rumors blasphemy or prophecy?

  • The 911 could be an EV by 2028.
  • Porsche will hybridize the 911 by 2026.
  • Is this the end of the 911 as we know it?

Porsche was doing more than showcasing some cool EV tech when it debuted the Mission R — a 1,037-horsepower electric race car concept — at the IAA Mobility auto show in Munich earlier this year. The automaker's goal was to try to prove that EVs could be fun to drive, and while it's just a concept for now, Porsche says there will be an actual production model by 2026.

That timing lines up surprisingly well with a report from Car magazine, which claims that the next Porsche 911 (to be named the 994 generation and also due in 2026) will come with a hybrid powertrain. Electric motors will add about 270 horsepower to the combustion engine (believed to displace about 3.4 liters), for a combined total of 800 horsepower in the range-topping models.

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But that's only the beginning of the 911's electrified future. Car also claims that an all-electric 911 is due in 2028 and will be sold alongside gasoline-powered models.

It's worth taking all of this with a grain of salt as Porsche itself has kept quiet on electrifying its iconic sports car. While battery-driven or -augmented propulsion might be likely, the 911's loyal following and carefully guarded image mean that even the smallest changes to the formula undergo serious scrutiny.

We think 2028 is a bit too soon for an all-electric 911, especially since the Mission R concept — a machine that would provide plenty of the tech that goes into an EV 911 — won't be finished until 2026. Porsche is also looking into synthetic fuels (fuels made of a carbon dioxide/hydrogen blend that Porsche calls eFuels) to keep internal combustion engines alive for the foreseeable future.

Edmunds says

What happens to the 911 in the future, and whether or not it will go electric this decade, is still anyone's guess. But we'll certainly be keeping a close eye on Stuttgart over the next few years.