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Alabama Ford Dealership Offers Free Lifetime Car Tech Support

Just the Facts:
  • The dealership invites local Ford owners to its free infotainment technology classes, which it holds four times a month.
  • Employees of the dealership have also created video tutorials that they post on the dealership Web site.
  • The dealership offers its classes to all Ford owners, even if they bought their Ford vehicle elsewhere.

BESSEMER, Alabama — When car shoppers are shopping — and car sellers are selling — the focus is naturally on the sale process: vehicle selection, pricing, trade-in negotiations and all the rest.

With so much energy spent on these parts of a car deal, it's easy for both sides to overlook the importance of what dealerships call the delivery: That's the part where the customers learn how to use all the new in-car tech that they've just bought.

Town & Country Ford makes sure that its customers get an excellent tech introduction to their new cars. But it also has come up with a nice solution for car owners who never got a thorough features overview.

Some customers totally get technology, others don't. So Town & Country Ford offers Ford owners lifetime tech support, even if they didn't originally buy their vehicles at one of Town and Country Ford's two locations.

The dealership employs a team of Sync/MyFord Touch experts who teach four free classes per month for Ford owners. The classes usually last between 30 minutes and an hour. Sometimes a Ford owner will need extra attention, in which case the dealership will set aside extra time to offer a more private tutorial. To maximize the instruction, the instructors do the hands-on portion of the classes in the customers' cars.

The classes can even be handy for the tech-savvy, especially when new navigation updates come out. Some people are repeat customers, who often come back for refreshers on how to use the products. That's just fine for with the tech experts at Town & Country Ford.

"Some of our guests come back three or four times for refreshers when they need them," says Mark McRae, a dealership salesperson and an expert in Sync and MyFord Touch. "We're happy to do this because we are serious about owners getting all the benefits of the Ford product."

McRae says on occasion he's had people who've bought used Fords from other dealers come to Town & Country looking for help with things like pairing Bluetooth phones. The dealership sets aside time to help the Ford owners, which is something not every dealership would do for somebody who hasn't purchased a car from them.

For those who can't make it to one of the training sessions, the dealership has video tutorials posted on its Web site. These tutorials, produced by the dealership, cover topics ranging from how to pair a phone to the Sync system to a full MyFord Touch feature explanation. The YouTube videos range in length from 5 minutes to more than an hour.

The classes and other tech assistance help the store maintain high customer-service satisfaction scores, and occasionally they result in new deals. But the real reason for the program is simple, McRae says.

"We want to do whatever we can to make people happy, and make sure they are satisfied with their Ford product, even if they didn't buy it from us," he says. "We think this type of service ultimately builds loyalty not just for our stores, but builds loyalty for the Ford brand."

Edmunds says:  Taking the time to ensure that car owners are getting the most from their vehicles shows a commitment to service that goes well beyond the initial sale. It's a win for local Ford owners.

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