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The 2025 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 43 Is Half a V8 With 416 Horsepower

The entry AMG GT halves its cylinder count but promises an engaging RWD experience

2025 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT coupe front
  • The entry point to the AMG GT coupe lineup is armed with rear-wheel drive and a 416-horsepower four-cylinder.
  • The model will receive its own distinct looks, including a narrower body.
  • Pricing hasn't been announced yet, but Mercedes will likely price the coupe north of $100K.

The latest Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 43 sports car uses a turbocharged four-cylinder, approximately half the size and cylinder count of the twin-turbo V8 under the hood of its AMG GT 55 sibling. It also powers half the number of wheels, exclusively spinning the back wheels, compared to the GT 55’s all-wheel-drive drivetrain. There are some similarities, however. The GT 43 isn't down much on power — the turbo-four produces 416 horsepower compared to V8's 469 hp. And of course, the AMG GT 43 uses the same coupe-y shape with a greenhouse that screams “Porsche 911.” The new entry model might have half the powertrain, but it certainly doesn’t look like half the car.

The rear-drive GT 43 finds ways to account for the loss of two driven wheels. This Mercedes-AMG GT uses an electronically controlled spoiler to either increase downforce (and thereby drag) to aid in handling or reduce both for quicker straight-line acceleration. There are active louvers in the grille, which make the coupe more slick as it cuts through the air and help to cool the engine. This more affordable version retains the lightweight aluminum multilink suspension and adaptive dampers, the latter controlled by AMG Ride Control software. Five total AMG drive modes will be available on the GT 43: Slippery, Comfort, Sport, Sport+ and Individual.

Mercedes sets apart the four-cylinder GT in a few key ways. Most noticeably, the lack of V8 noise is underscored by a unique front fascia, as well as rounded quad tailpipes, contrasting against the V8's squared tips. The GT 43 sports narrower fenders and a reduced track width to create a slimmer profile. All GT 43s will ride on 19-inch wheels by default, with a variety of 20-inch alloys on the options list. Mercedes has yet to announce pricing, but expect it to cost well below the 2024 AMG GT 55's $136,050 starting price.

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2025 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT coupe profile

Edmunds says

Thanks to rear-wheel drive and narrower dimensions, the new AMG GT looks like a more lively alternative to its V8-powered, all-wheel-drive counterpart. However, we anticipate a starting price north of $100,000, and a four-banger at this price point is a hard sell.