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2018 Jeep Compass, Patriot Replacement Bound for Dealerships in Early 2017

CHELSEA, Michigan — Jeep will unveil the replacement for its Compass and Patriot crossover SUVs this fall during a ceremony at the automaker's assembly plant in Brazil, according to Jeep/Ram boss Mike Manley. A slightly modified U.S. version, a 2018 model, will debut several weeks later at November's 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Sales of the yet unnamed model will begin later this year in Brazil, followed in early 2017 with sales in the United States and China, said Manley, who is the global head of both brands at Fiat-Chrysler. The model engineered for the United States will be assembled at the automaker's plant in Mexico.

"As we normally do, we will build dealer stocks so even though it will be on our dealer lots in the first quarter, probably the timing of the commercial launch will be towards the end of the first quarter or early second quarter," Manley said during a session with reporters at the automaker's proving grounds here.

The Compass and Patriot compete with such crossover SUVs as the Chevrolet Trax, Honda HR-V and Mazda CX-3. Although there have been mild upgrades, both Jeep models have been on the market since the 2007 model year.

The name of the redesigned vehicle, which will be either Compass or Patriot, will be revealed at the ceremony in Brazil.

Jeep will market only one compact crossover SUV in the future. The brand will eliminate the other nameplate and model from its lineup, abandoning its past strategy of marketing two distinctly styled models that were identical in size and componentry.

The new model is developed on a re-engineered version of the front-wheel architecture shared by the Jeep Renegade, Dodge Dart and other Fiat-Chrysler models. Four-wheel drive will be optional. Pricing was not announced.

Edmunds says: After about 10 years on the market, it's time for Jeep to replace the Compass and Patriot with a more competitive crossover SUV, something that will be a major draw in Jeep showrooms.

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