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2015 Lincoln MKC Dream Ride Program Debuts

Just the Facts:
  • The new "Dream Ride" interactive video gives car shoppers a feel for the 2015 Lincoln MKC luxury crossover as they take a virtual spin with actor Sam Page.
  • Cursor movements allow the viewer to aim the camera as the MKC chases a taxi through the streets of Los Angeles.
  • The 2015 Lincoln MKC will arrive at dealerships this summer.

DEARBORN, Michigan — The new "Dream Ride" interactive video gives car shoppers a feel for the 2015 Lincoln MKC luxury crossover as they take a virtual spin with actor Sam Page.

The 2015 Lincoln MKC arrives at dealerships this summer.

Lincoln spokesman Stéphane Cesareo told Edmunds: "There has never been something done quite like Dream Ride. It gives consumers a chance to experience the MKC virtually prior to being able to test-drive the real thing and brings into focus our commitment to personalization, putting the customer directly into the story."  

Once at the Dream Ride Web site, users enter their name and gender, then embark on the experience with Page, best known for his roles on TV series like Mad Men, Desperate Housewives and House of Cards.

More than a simple video, the experience enables cursor movements to control the camera angle to look up, down, left or right. On-screen links allow users to find out more about the MKC during the program.

Dream Ride begins at a café in Los Angeles, where we have just had lunch with Sam, who checks his smartphone to see that the 2015 Lincoln MKC is ready to go. As soon as he gets up to leave, a man bumps into him, and then we follow Sam out to the MKC parked across the street.

Sam remarks that the vehicle is "pretty squeezed in," but as we hop in, he remarks: "It's no big deal." An icon for the Lincoln's Active Park Assist pops up on the screen. Clicking the icon provides a brief explanation of the feature, which is underscored by the MKC maneuvering itself out of the tight space.

At this point, Sam realizes that his wallet has been stolen and spots the thief getting into a taxi. A spirited — if not quite Bullitt-like — chase through city streets ensues, with plenty of acceleration, moderate-speed turns and close calls. Of course, the Lincoln handles the job capably.

Along the way, icons pop up at appropriate times, allowing further exploration of the vehicle's features, such as front collision warning, performance, exterior styling, premium sound system and remote access.

Finally, the thief jumps out of the cab and sprints into a building. We follow Sam as he chases the villain up to the roof where?.well, we won't spoil the surprise ending, but some of the information entered at the beginning of the Dream Ride comes into play.

Once the video concludes, users have the opportunity to share their personal experience with others via social media.

Cesareo told Edmunds that reaction to the video has been positive so far: "We have had a tremendous boost in traffic and engagement in MKC since we launched Dream Ride, and it has gotten strong amplification and interest across our social media platforms. Dream Ride has been the primary source of that engagement, attracting nearly 70 percent of the MKC visits."

Dream Ride is an extension of Lincoln's commitment to digital marketing that began with last year's Hello Again campaign, featuring Beck and David Bowie, and continued earlier this year with the interactive video for Aloe Blacc's "Love is the Answer."

Cesareo noted that Lincoln dealers have been very supportive of the digital strategy: "They continue to push us even farther, and while many have an established digital presence themselves, others have used the momentum to step up their commitment to digital in an effort to better reach and interact with consumers." 

Edmunds says: Lincoln has come up with a fun way for prospective customers to check out the 2015 Lincoln MKC while hanging with Sam Page.

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