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2013 Tesla Model S, 2014 Nissan Juke Star in Holiday Videos

Just the Facts:
  • In a new holiday video, Honda replaces Santa's outdated, unsafe sleigh with a sleek new model featuring the latest safety devices.
  • The latest seasonal video from Nissan shows a 2014 Nissan Juke drifting a holiday message into the snow.
  • A 2013 Tesla Model S shows off its winter driving ability in the land of the midnight sun.

NORTH POLE — In new videos, Honda builds Santa an updated sleigh and a 2014 Nissan Juke drifts a "Happy Xmas" message, while a 2013 Tesla Model S shows off its winter driving capability.

In Honda's 2-minute video, Santa frets about his old, outdated sleigh. With millions of miles on its odometer, it may not be up to the task of delivering toys to all the world's children in time for Christmas.

He flies to the Honda factory, where engineers in record time build and successfully crash-test a new model sporting such high-tech safety features as Vehicle Stability Assist, Forward Collision Warming and Lane Departure Warning.

Santa deems the new sleigh "perfect" and, after checking his list twice, sets off on his annual mission, protected by the latest Honda technology. The video concludes with the tag line, "Stay safe for the holidays."

Nissan's latest one-minute holiday video celebrates the season with a 2014 Nissan Juke, the company's funky crossover SUV, doing some spirited drifting to the tune of All I Want for Christmas Is You.

Close-up shots and quick cuts show the helmeted driver putting the Juke through its paces as the snow flies and the music blares. At the end, with the car finally standing still, we get a good look at the Juke before the camera pulls back to reveal the design that its tires have carved into the snowy terrain: a snowman.

The Tesla Model S may not seem to be the ideal winter car, but the company's latest video hopes to dispel that notion. Almost 4 minutes in length, the video follows Model S owner Arne Jakobsen, a power plant engineer, along his daily commute through Norway's snow-covered, mountainous terrain.

Even though the Tesla EV is driven by the rear wheels, Jakobsen, says: "What I've seen so far with the Model S, is that it behaves more or less like a four-wheel-driven car."

In addition to the power and handling of the Model S, Jakobsen praises its range, and to prove it the video shows him making his rounds between power plants, skiing and snowmobiling. He says he recharges the batteries in a half hour while he warms up with a cup of coffee and notes that even the frigid Norwegian temperatures don't seem to affect car's range.

Despite this testimonial, Tesla still intends to come out with an AWD version of the Model S, perhaps as soon as 2014. The company also has plans to begin producing the lower-priced AWD Model X electric crossover in 2014.

Edmunds says: Ho ho ho.

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