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1997 Cadillac Seville
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1997 Cadillac Seville STS (96,000 miles)

vb4000, 03/09/2012
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If you're going to buy this car used, you're about to get a lot of car for very little money. I purchased mine for $4000 two years ago and it is my daily driver. The car rides amazingly well and looks fantastic. After detailing it, people ask what it is and compliment it at the gas station, etc., all the time. The car looks and sounds fantastic and the engine throws you back in your seat if you put your foot in it. The car was built very well (excluding using head-bolts instead of studs, see "Improvements") and looks 50,000 miles younger than it's age. The design does not look like its from the 90's and the interior is equally impressive; very comfortable.

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great white shark

ken, 02/28/2002
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The car looks and performs great.The Northstar V8 can really move this 4000lbs vehicle(0-60 in 6.4sec and 1/4 mile in 14.7sec).This vehicle is an excellent used vehicle purchase due to the high depreciation but make sure to have your prospective purchase checked out at your local Caddy dealer before you buy. My car was maintained by the book and is still under warranty but maintenance can be very expensive if you buy a lemon. Be careful

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Fun to drive difficult to maintain

Darrell, 10/01/2008
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I drove a Cadillac a few times when I was in my teens and wanted a Cadillac ever since, then last year I brought a 1997 STS. I love the car, it's a hoot to drive very powerful and comfortable to drive. It's in great looking condition but my disappointment comes in with the reliability.The one time I had it any distance away from home my wife and I was on a bus. trip and after coming out from the hotel when we checked in the alternator quit this was after I had replaced the starter but before the headlight control module gave out. last week we went to an anniversary dinner with our children and when we arrived at the restaurant the security problem code came up and two days later it refused to start. It's at the garage now with a fuel pump problem that the tech found while trying to fix that security code problem. I am sure when I get it back something else will go on it. I love the car and love to drive it's a real beauty.

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Black Beauty STS - My Dream Car

marina, 07/27/2005
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This car is totally awesome. Performance and handling is fantastic! Cadillac put together a complete package when they built this one. The sound system (Bose) is the best. The leather seats still smell leather. The only problem and this will only pertain for guys who are over 6'4", you don't have a lot of head room, believe me, my husband knows... but he still enjoys riding in it. Overall, I've had some routine maintenance issues with it, but for an almost 9 year old car and the money I paid for it, I'm totally satisfied. Hopefully, she'll last me several thousand miles and when it comes time to replace her, I'll be looking for STS #2. I'm an STS lover forever.

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Poor quality!

jfletc, 03/31/2003
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It's astonishing that a $45,000.00 automobile could be built so poorly. I've had a pulsating brake problem that can't be fixed, at least not permanantly. The air conditioner compressor failed at 62,000. At 69,000 the engine comsume a quart of oil every 700 miles. I absolutely will never buy another GM automobile.

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