Best And Worst Fuel Economy - Sports Cars

By John O'Dell May 5, 2011

Fuel Economy Sports cars.jpg

Sports cars are designed to be driven hard and fast and thus any that are worthy of the name are likely not going to be high on anyone's list of fuel-efficient transportation choices. But as broadly defines the segment, there's a pretty big spread in monthly fuel costs for cars that are fun to drive. At the high end, super-powerful models like the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (above, right)  and BMW M3 cost as much to run as a full-size pickup – and that's if you are driving well within the legal speed limits. At the low end, a Mini Cooper (above, left) or even a turbocharged Cooper S can be a pretty inexpensive thrill ride.

This month's best-and-worst monthly fuel costs chart was computed with regular gasoline at $3.96 a gallon. Imagine what those numbers would have looked like back when gas was $2.15. And then shudder to think what they will look at when the stuff hits $5 a gallon, as many fuel industry analysts expect to happen by sometime next year. Download Monthly Fuel Cost table for all new vehicles if there are other models that interest you, including sports cars that aren't on this best-worst chart.


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This is the eighth in a series that charts the best and worst monthly fuel costs among the cars, trucks and crossovers in the 16 vehicle segments tracked at Edmunds. It is not designed to stigmatize but simply to provide fuel economy information. The numbers were developed using a common set of assumptions and national averages for fuel pricing and vehicle fuel economy. It assumes monthly travel of 1,250 miles using the cars' EPA combined city-highway fuel economy ratings and the national average price of the manufacturers' recommended grades of gasoline or other fuel.

Individual results will differ based on variances in things like driving styles, fuel sources, climate, terrain, vehicle load and options on the vehicle. With comparisons to earlier charts, keep in mind that fuel prices have been steadily rising all year so the costs listed in previous weeks would need to be adjusted upward for a fair head-to-head comparison with the costs in this week's list. In other words, please use the charts as a general guide, not gospel.

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redmondchad says: 4:38 PM, 05.15.11

It is unfortunate that the Tesla Roadster (a very sporty car!) was not included.

1,250 miles per month at about 3 miles per kWh is 417kWh. National average of 11.5 cents per kWh means $48/month. That number would look interesting on this chart.


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