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2014 Los Angeles Auto Show: Scion iM Concept (FAQ)

2014 Los Angeles Auto Show

What Is It?
Scion iM Concept

What's New About This Model?
This hatchback concept is geared toward younger buyers with active lifestyles. At first glance, the Scion iM Concept looks similar to the Lexus CT 200h in terms of size and shape.

When Does It Go on Sale?
The iM Concept is destined for full production. Scion says we can expect it to arrive in showrooms sometime in 2015.

How Much Will It Cost?
Scion is confident that the iM Concept in base trim will sell for under $20,000.

How Many Body Styles and Trim Levels Are There?
The iM will arrive as a four-door hatchback only. No information is available on features and options, but in all likelihood it will be similar to the items found in competing hatchbacks.

What Kind of Engines and Transmissions Does It Have?
Scion has not released any drivetrain information, but we're certain that it will be a four-cylinder engine powering the front wheels through an automatic transmission. A manual transmission is also possible.

What Unique Features Does It Offer?
Information is sparse this early in the game, but the Scion iM Concept features a height-adjustable suspension. With this in mind, the production version may benefit from uncommon handling athleticism for the class. Otherwise, the iM differentiates itself from the other hatchbacks with sharper and more aggressive styling.

What Models Will It Compete Against?
Ford Focus Hatchback: Before the Mazda 3 came along, the Focus was our top hatchback choice. It features nimble handling, an attractive interior and plenty of high-tech features, but is a bit louder than rivals and the backseats come up a little short on legroom.

Mazda 3 Hatchback: The Mazda 3 represents our top pick among hatchbacks for its entertaining performance, excellent fuel economy and features that are normally found in more expensive vehicles.

Volkswagen Golf: The Golf hatchback has been the standard-bearer for hatchbacks for decades. The current VW Golf benefits from strong acceleration and an efficient diesel engine, but lacks some refinement and newer features that are offered by its rivals.

Should You Wait for It?
The production version of this concept should arrive by the middle of next year, and it will look much like the car you see here. If that's the kind of styling you prefer for your compact hatchback, this will be worth the short wait. But if the styling is the least of your priorities, any of its current competitors will provide similar levels of performance and features right now. 

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