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German engineered nonsense

gigles, 01/26/2012
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Instead of going into a long winded review of my 2009 Audi Q5, i will simply list the warranty work that has been performed thus far: - replaced center console - replaced water pump - replaced exterior HID light system - repaired gas lid - replaced rear hatch struts - removed engine for DE-carbon (3 full days) - replaced fuel injection - replaced steering rod & pump Non warranty: - replaced brakes and rotors (30K)

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Great car! Just take care of it!

stimm32, 11/14/2012
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We purchased this car with 24,000 miles on it, and we have all the service records. The owners before us were very meticulous, and they had very few issues, and we have now put 6,000 miles on it and still have had no problems. The review that complains about having to replace the brakes at 30k is driving in the city constantly, I can tell because they also had to have the carbon build-up cleaned. Carbon build-up is a fact of life for direct injected engines, but when the car is driven at highway speed, the combustion chamber gets hot enough to burn off the carbon. Also, take care of your car. Change the oil with VW 502 00 approved oil every 5,000 miles, and keep up on scheduled maintenance.

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Take care of your Q5 and it will take care of you

jay ali, 03/05/2017
3.2 Premium quattro 4dr SUV AWD (3.2L 6cyl 6A)
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First off, I purchased my Q5 with 50,000 miles 3 years ago and it now has 110,000 miles. I have done NOTHING to the vehicle except replace the break pads (front and rear) and put new tires on. My vehicles still rides like a dream and we absolutely love it. It floats on the roads and over bumps, and we are set on getting a newer model 2013 and up next. I have not taken my car at all to the Audi dealership because and I avoid them like the plague. I did my brakes at a local Belle Tire for half the price the Audi dealer wanted and I even change my oil at Belle tire and I run Amsoil Oil ONLY in my car. I have noticed my Q5 runs quieter with this oil than the actually oil the Audi dealer uses. Oh and i have the 3.2. which is much more solid than the 2.0. I hope this helps

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Buyer beware of water pump issues

Mark, 04/23/2010
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I have been very happy with my Audi Q5 until today. Had car towed into dealership after the coolant burst in the engine compartment. I pretty much lost all coolant - luckily i was about to park it in the garage. Found out today that the water pump failed at 7,800 miles. It is covered under warranty but warranty or not this is a major issue. I have so far seen a mass of posts with the same issue. Fortunately for me the engine never had the opportunity to overheat. Audi needs to address the issue with their current owners immediately.

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Complete Package

forum24, 06/24/2010
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I don't know what is happening with the people who are claiming to have such catastrophic problems with their Q5's. I myself and two other acquaintances all bought Q5's last spring or summer. Between the 3 cars, none of us have experienced a single problem with any of them, and I have put 16,000 miles on in the first year alone. I had leased several Lexus’s prior, and was reluctant to change brands specifically because I was worried about reliability: I did, and have never been happier. This car is gorgeous, comfortable and has more features than I could get in the Lexus for a comparable price- and as of now, the Audi is more reliable!

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