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1991 Audi 200

ucf2012, 08/04/2009
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This is a great car to drive! The 5 cylinder turbo has enough power to get you up to 60 in around 6 or 7 seconds each and every time you put it to he test. The ride quality is spectacular! If I could have rated it higher than a 10, I would have. This is one of the best cars I've ever driven, let alone actually owned.

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A Great old car!

Chi, 04/12/2005
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This has been a wonderful car. Basically reliable but the hydraulics and electrics can be a nightmare. Maintenance can be expensive if you aren't willing to get your hands dirty. Bought with 80k miles currently at 160k miles. I prefer this over most of the newer Audis. With low build numbers (150:wagon, ~1100: sedan), a well cared for specimen could be hard to find.

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Timeless Beauty with awesome performance

Curt Schmidt, 07/03/2005
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In my view it's the most beautiful car ever built. It has unique features implying character, unlike most new cars appearing to be streamline look-alikes. The Quattro traction makes new electronic devices (susceptible to faults), more or less redundant. The bodywork is made to last forever as well as the 2.2 L Turbo engine. The performance of the car with a quality performance chip (260 hp) is unbelievable and will outdo almost any other new car - you should feel the 306 ft/lds(!) of torque push you back into your seat. On the German Autobahn I easily reached speeds beyond 170 mph on the speedometer - keep in mind, my car is almost 16 years old - is that quality engeneering or what?!

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I Love this car!

sailmaven, 02/19/2004
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After my lease was up on my 98 A4Q I went looking for the 200. I had a 98 5000Turbo that was great so I wanted that car with the newer interior. I ended up buying one and traviling 500 miles to get it. This car is a blast to drive. Tight steering and strong acceleration. It gives you the impression that you are driving in a vault. My father has an A6 4.2, my sister has an A62.7T, and my mother has an A6 2.8. They got their Audi's on my recommendation because I loved the 5000Turbo so much. I will still take the 200 over any of the new ones

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sonkota, 09/06/2005
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This has to be the best car ever made. I have 368,000 miles on this car and the transmission runs as tight as the day it was pulled off a lot. What a car! I Love It!

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