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Just close your eyes and hop into one

Ed, 03/15/2009
3.5 4dr Sedan
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No need to repeat others and state that the RL is a great car. Bought mine 6 and half years ago with 89K miles (now the car has 192K). Best ride, very luxurious, other than maintenance (oil change break pads, etc..) close to no issues for the 6years: O2 sensor, intermittent ABS light and rear windows regulators. Best car value, costs nothing to own and enjoy. Will get another one in a heart beat.

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I love my 1996 Acura rl butt....

Lisha, 07/30/2015
3.5 Premium 4dr Sedan
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I've only had my used Acura for almost 2 months now. Great car but the motor to adjust the steering wheel stopped working. My review mirror keeps falling off. On top of that my transmission is starting to make a weird noise. I'm scared to see what else is going to happen in another 2 months. On a better note it is good on gas, quiet, comfortable, beautiful interior, lots of space, great speakers, and handles country roads beautifully. I really wish it wasn't falling apart on me i love car.

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follow-up to 8/2002 review

prophet2, 03/28/2009
3.5 4dr Sedan
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It's 6-1/2 years later and my '96 RL is going strong at 153K miles. Some issues: tach malfunctioning, dealer estimates $1400 repair. Also, $1420 to replace steering rack assembly; $1427 for leaking rear main seal/O-ring; $240 for re-sealing power steering pump; $500 to replace rear tail light assembly. That's $5000, exceeding the car's value. An independent mechanic found nothing wrong with the steering mechanism. Fluid has leaked from a hose to the rack assembly and rear main seal area, making it appear that those items are leaking. His estimate is $675, saving me $2400. The dealer's service department has a reputation of up-selling service jobs.

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My first car, drove it 2 years...

Joel, 09/14/2008
3.5 Premium 4dr Sedan
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I bought this car two years ago as my first vehicle ever. Spent $5000, and it had 150,000 miles on it (or was it 125?). Whatever the case, I now have 172,000 on it, and the AC still works. The man I bought it from had kept it immaculate - even the engine was clean. I ended up with some body damage in the rear, but drove it several thousand more miles. The only problem is in the power steering, now... there's a leak that reached a peak, and I would have to pay $600 to replace the part/ seals. That would certainly be worth it for a car with this much comfort/power and life left in it, if it weren't for the $3000 body damage. Moving on to a Civic for better mpg, and less miles on it

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Love the car

dianejersey, 07/16/2003
3.5 4dr Sedan
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The Acura RL was my husbands corporate car. After driving a new BMW for 3 years (not the smoothest ride) I was thrilled to purchase the RL from his company. It is the most comfortable interior of any car with the smoothest ride.

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