People @ Edmunds



Edmunds employee since 2011

What is the coolest thing about working at Edmunds?

The people. It's nice to work at a company who considers everyone equals and has so many knowledgeable people. There are no test-dummies here!

Tell us about your favorite Edmunds memory?

Spending time at NADA, in Vegas, with the team and working with them to create a better automotive researching/purchasing experience.

What do you like to do for fun?

Play with my kids, cook, Snowboarding, Watching Movies and watching NFL.

Tell us about your first car:

My first car was a 1974 Pontiac Grand Prix. V-8 455 engine. It was given to me by my grand-parents and had to be the largest consumer vehicle ever built. We called it "The Boat!" Drove like a super fast tank!

Tell us about what you currently drive:

I currently drive a 2009 Subaru Outback Limited. Bought it in 2010 and LOVE this vehicle. The only setback is the space in the back seat. Outside of this... best car I've ever owned!