Permission Requests

Permission Requests

We routinely grant permission to media, automakers, dealers, their agencies and others to link to, quote and/or reprint content that has been published on the Edmunds Automotive Network. Permissions are granted subject to certain conditions and are provided in response to specific requests. There is no charge for such permissions or usages if implemented in accordance with our requirements, with one exception: we work with Wright's Reprints to provide quantities of printed materials and certain electronic materials to approved parties, and a fee is charged for those services.

Unless we advise you otherwise, we require that items be attributable to "" (and not any other variation of our names), and not to a specific writer or editor.

With respect to photos: the photos we publish consist of a mixture of those that have been provided to us and those that we have taken ourselves. Often they are captioned so as to identify the source. For photos provided to us by the manufacturers or other entities: we do not own them and thus neither can give third parties permission to use them nor deny third parties the right to use them. In addition, we are not able to give permission to use "enhanced imagery" photos (i.e., photos that appear to be taken in a studio and have a white background). We will provide permission to use photos we have taken ourselves on a case-by-case basis, on the condition that they are credited to ""

If your request pertains to an ad that will appear on, special conditions may apply.

Permission Request Procedure

All requests should be submitted by using our Permissions Request Form below. Your request should include:

Quote Request: The exact words of the quote and the URL of the source of the quote

Accolade Request: The exact form of the accolade (including any "disclaimers") and the URL of the source of the accolade; we can provide approved forms of an accolade on request

Article/Review Request: The name of the article or review and the URL of the page on which the article or review appears

Photo Request: Both the URL of the page on which the photo appears and a description of which photo on that page is the one being requested

Logo Request: A copy of the actual proposed use

All Requests:

The purpose of the request, including the medium in which the logo, link, quote, accolade or article or review will appear

When applicable, the exact model (including model year) of the vehicle(s) to be promoted

The name, organization and e-mail address of the person to whom the consent or request for additional information should be sent

If sufficient information is provided, we usually grant consent by return e-mail within one to two business days of receipt of the request.


Permissions Request Form

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