What is the Edmunds.com Dealer Price Quotes service?

The Edmunds.com Dealer Price Quotes service is a free service that, based on your ZIP code, enables you to quickly view dealers near you and allows you to receive free price quotes on vehicles -- with no obligation to purchase the vehicle.

Why were the Edmunds.com Dealer Price Quotes created?

Like all of our tools, we designed these services to empower the consumer by facilitating the receipt of multiple price quotes for a vehicle. We view the comparison of quotes from dealers as a vital part of the research process when purchasing a new vehicle.

Will I be charged for using these services?

The Edmunds.com Dealer Price Quotes is completely free to use.

Why do I have a problem when I enter my ZIP code?

The ZIP code should be entered as a five-digit number with no spaces at the end or the beginning. Do not attempt to enter the optional four digits that are a part of your nine-digit ZIP code. Would upgrading my browser enhance the performance of these services? If you are using an older Web browser, you may enhance the performance of our Free Price Quotes service on your computer by upgrading to a newer version. We recommend Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or higher or Safari 3.22 or higher for MacIntosh users and Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher or Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or higher for users of other PCs. Internet Explorer is available from Microsoft.. Mozilla Firefox is available from Mozilla.

Why isn't a particular dealer listed in my area?

We receive our dealer lists from manufacturers and our automotive partners on a regular basis. Unfortunately, if a dealer is not listed in the manufacturer's database that dealer will usually not appear in our service. This information is updated frequently, so check back again soon for more local dealer offerings.

How can I comment on the Dealer Price Quotes service?

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