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1990 Volvo 240 Wagon

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Volvo 240 Features and Specs

Features & Specs

  • Engine 2.3 L Inline 4-cylinder
  • Drivetrain Rear Wheel Drive
  • Transmission 5-speed Manual
  • Horse Power 114 hp @ 5400 rpm
  • Fuel Economy 18/25 mpg
  • Bluetooth No
  • Navigation No
  • Heated Seats No

Review of the 1990 Volvo 240

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  • What's New for 1990

    A driver airbag and knee bolsters are standard this year on all models. 240GL dropped, and a base 240 is added below the 240DL. Wagons get a new tailgate with flush-mounted glass.

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Customer Reviews

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Best car i ever owned

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Vehicle: 1990 Volvo 240 DL 4dr Wagon

I lucked out and had a family friend that sold me their 90 240 Wagon DL for a great deal. One owner, highway miles (now 306,000) and no dents or rust. I had to put some work into it as far as replacing oil filters, power window motor, etc but it runs like a champ. I get more compliments on this car then my partner who has a 2013 volvo c30R. It is a true classic and volvo did not slack when building and designing it. I use the midgrade/premium to keep her healthy and running good. I would recommend this car to anyone who is looking for a classic reliable car. Surprisingly with it being rear wheel drive it is a tank in the snow because of how heavy and I get everywhere I need too!!

Proven faithful

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Vehicle: 1990 Volvo 240 DL 4dr Wagon

I bought my first 240 in 1998, a '93 manual 5 speed Wagon. Previously I had driven other cars and wagons including Funeral Coaches and Limos. The ride from the Volvo wagon was superior to those other long jobs! Incredible comfort and a joy to drive, even as a stick shift. I still love it and won't part with it because it is the best vehicle I have ever owned! Recently I bought an '89 Sedan on Ebay for $400.00! It still looks new! Same with the wagon, I really don't want to part with it. If you get a chance to buy one, do so! '88-93 are the best models. The reviews here are all TRUE! Why did Volvo stop? Who knows! The wagon still gives a better ride than the sedan in my opinion.

Love it!

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Vehicle: 1990 Volvo 240 DL 4dr Wagon

We just purchased this car last week, and we're loving it! We also have a 1988 wagon, and have owned it for 13 years (356,000 miles). There is nothing like a Volvo wagon, I have hauled 150 lbs of dog food, plants and flowers for the yard, a week's worth of groceries, and two kids, all in one trip. The maintenance costs have averaged about $50 per month. We have it checked every year, nothing major has ever gone wrong, just normal maintenance stuff. If you take care of it, it will take care of you. Turns on a dime, feels like a tank. Highway mileage is about 26 MPG. The 1990 version is almost identical, we're looking forward to a long and happy life with it!

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My daughter is alive

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Vehicle: 1990 Volvo 240 DL 4dr Wagon

In January of 1998 my daughter was driving home on RT 15. Coming down off Steam Vally MT. IN Trout Run, Pa..Weather was snowy and wet. She tried to pass tractor trailer,and when she started to pass the rear dules the right front tire blew, causing the car to be pulled under the trailer. The tractor pulled the trailer over the car and kept right on going. The trailer spit the car into the guard rails. My daughter had time to lay down across the front seat. She walked away from the accident.. The investigating Pa. State Trooper looked at my daughter and said if you had been anything but a Volvo you would be dead.. God Bless Volvo TR OUT RUN pa.

Station wagon 'truck'

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Vehicle: 1990 Volvo 240 4dr Wagon

Long lasting! Mine's at 260000. I am a heavily-equiped carpenter and this car carries more than most trucks. I use Thule gutter-mounted removable racks that allow me to put just about anything on the top-- hundreds of pounds. And hundreds of pounds of tools inside and still get over 20 mpg. Bought a newer Econoline to give the Volvo a rest but regret that the big Ford even w/ a smaller than average V6 only gets 15 mpg with the same load. And the Volvo goes faster and looks nice. Expect some rust and small fix ups at this age. Still keeping it for personal use and longer trips.

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Teens love them too!

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Vehicle: 1990 Volvo 240 4dr Wagon

I love this car to death. Someone else has written that this car isn't good for teens. I whole-heartedly disgree. I'm a teen who has wanted a 240 since I was 12. It's a throwback car for the old souls who long for days where SUVs didn't dominate but still want a safe drive. I have had numerous friends who have gotten in serious accidents only to be told if they weren't driving a 240 they would be dead. Enough said! 240 drivers are people who live for the past and not for the new fangled, automated this and hands free that. For people who enjoy driving for its simple joy. They live forever in my opinion and will always be classic!

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What's New for 1990

A driver airbag and knee bolsters are standard this year on all models. 240GL dropped, and a base 240 is added below the 240DL. Wagons get a new tailgate with flush-mounted glass.

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  • 25
  • highway
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