2011 Toyota Sienna Long Term Road Test

2011 Toyota Sienna SE: Salt Bath

July 04, 2011

Sienna key.jpg

No electronics in the Sienna’s keyfob, or at least none that I can discern I’ve damaged after several hours in seawater this weekend. Many of the cars in our fleet have buttons embedded in the keyfob, or they’re simply transponders to the ignition. They’re not the kind of keys you can string around your neck when headed out for a surf. Until I invest in a lockbox, I'm mindful of these little plastic communicators.

I didn't do any research on the Sienna key before getting it wet. Didn’t know if it contained an expensive Intel chip or what. But whatever was in there looked pretty well sealed. I sought a second opinion.

“Looks safe to me,” our electronics editor Doug Newcomb said. Doug had a stake in the assessment; if we were wrong, we faced a long walk back to Topanga. The Sienna opened its doors manually and fired right up after I toweled off the key. So far, so good. No unintended anything, unless you count calm reflection during a gorgeous sunset drive back from Malibu.

Dan Frio, Automotive Editor

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