2011 Toyota Sienna Long Term Road Test

2011 Toyota Sienna SE: Oregon Bound!

December 22, 2010


It's a done deal. We're taking our new 2011 Toyota Sienna SE to Oregon for Christmas. A few commenters have pooh-poohed this, saying it's too big.

But our family still lives smack in the middle of the minivan demographic. If we were driving our own car, it would be a minivan because that's what we actually own, what we need, what we use. Our lifestyle is not quite ready for downsizing much below the Ford Flex, a near-minivan we've enjoyed on this trip numerous times.

OK, our presents and luggage would certainly fit in the Raptor, but I prefer to keep such things secure and dry during a long, soggy trip, so the Raptor is out. Besides, I took that one to Oregon last summer: been there, drove that.

No, the Sienna makes too much sense this time. It's the kind of vehicle we'd take on this trip regardless of where I happened to earn my living. And I'm interested to see how the SE's allegedly sportier suspension handles the warped roads up near the California redwoods and the Oregon coast.

Dan Edmunds, Director of Vehicle Testing

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