2004 Toyota Prius Long-Term Road Test

2004 Toyota Prius: Easy Shifter

September 05, 2007

Toyota Prius - photo by Warren Clarke

An older friend of a friend is in the market for a car. She's got arthritis in her hands, and wants a car that won't be too manually demanding. I recommended the Toyota Prius. Here's why:

Toyota Prius  Shifter - phot oby Warren Clarke

It's all about the Prius's dash-mounted shifter... Of course, other cars offer column shifters, but few are as easy to use as the nifty little nub you'll find in the Prius. There's nothing to grip, no buttons to press. A gentle nudge is all it takes to get you from "park" to "drive."

Our 2004 Toyota Prius is no high priest of performance, but I still enjoy my time spent with it, because of little touches like this.

Warren Clarke, Automotive Content Editor @ 50,275 miles

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