Fuel Economy Update for March - 2012 Subaru Impreza Long-Term Road Test

2012 Subaru Impreza Long-Term Road Test

2012 Subaru Impreza: Fuel Economy Update for March

April 3, 2013

2012 Subaru Impreza

Our Subaru Impreza traveled 1,233 miles in the month of March, burning 87-octane fuel and averaging 24.1 mpg.

That's slightly less than our overall lifetime average with this car.

Despite Travis's road trip through northern California where his fuel economy bordered on the EPA estimate for mixed driving, other city folk kept the Impreza's numbers down for March.

Worst Fill MPG: 21.2
Best Fill MPG: 31.0
Average Lifetime MPG: 26.0
EPA MPG Rating (City/Highway/Combined): 27/36/30
Best Range: 437.5 miles
Current Odometer: 17,712 miles

Donna DeRosa, Managing Editor


  • legacygt legacygt Posts:

    MPG on this car is one of the big disappointments in the LT fleet. Subaru made a bunch of compromises with this Impreza in the name of fuel efficiency (CVT, smaller engine, less robust chassis that MAY not be able to support WRX). While it's better than previous Imprezas it's nowhere near the promised numbers. And in real world driving I'm not sure it does that much better than the much larger Outback.

  • ed124c ed124c Posts:

    This is not good. I kept hoping the numbers would go up as the miles piled on. But apparently not. These numbers are worse than the Hyundai debacle. This car can't even reach its city number, according to the "Average Lifetime". Does the AWD reduce mpg to the point where it is right at the same mileage as the much more powerful BRZ?

  • duck87 duck87 Posts:

    Man, that's pretty terrible considering all of the other cars in the fleet doing relatively well. They made so many compromises to this vehicle in the name of fuel economy and it still only averaged 26 mpg. In the context of the CR-V and CX-5, not to mention the (somewhat recently departed) Mazda 3, this car is pretty underwhelming on the FE front.

  • fordson1 fordson1 Posts:

    I have to agree...pretty underwhelming. The car has about the same acceleration and the same fuel economy as the CR-V...but it's smaller and does not have the room for either people or cargo as the CR-V...or the CX-5 for that matter. Those vehicles are also AWD, but have engines another half-liter larger and they weigh another 300-350 lbs., and you would think the Subie would be a bit more economical or faster or both. I know of no engineering/design reason you can't get good fuel economy out of the boxer four, but Subaru doesn't seem to be able to do it.

  • oxmead oxmead Posts:

    Edmunds must drive the crap out of the Impreza. Just another case of not believing everything you read here. It is capable of the EPA numbers and more. With nearly 10,000 miles, I never got less than 27 mpg and got more than 39 on straight highway keeping it under 65 mph.

  • ed124c ed124c Posts:

    @oxmead: So you think that of all the cars in the LT fleet, the only car that Edmunds can "drive the crap out of the Impreza"? Come on, they drive the crap out of all of them. Obviously, the Impreza is just not engineered for all-out driving.

  • oxmead oxmead Posts:

    Ed, yes they drive the cars hard. This fuel thing happens over and over. The Chevy Cruze and GMC terrain come to mind. In the Subaru's case I know it's capable of the epa numbers cause I have one. Edmunds could use one light footed test driver that really tried to get the claimed numbers out of the test cars. I'm available, lol!

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