2013 Subaru BRZ Long Term Road Test

2013 Subaru BRZ: Brace Yourself

December 07, 2012

BRZ brace.jpg

Things that don't mix: Tiny, hard-to-use-while-stopped touchscreens with tiny buttons and cars with too-firm suspension. It's even worse when a terrible song comes on the radio and you've got to change things QUICKLY. The only solution is to form a triangle (triangles make things strong) out of your thumb, middle and pinky fingers to build a strong enough base so that your index finger may, hopefully, possibly, hit the right button. o
I found a short video that represents this well after the jump.

Oh, but I shouldn't complain about the radio on a performance car? Please. The engine sounds terrible and this is 2012, if a car can't have a working radio it deserves zero passes. This interface is a case of trying to do far, far too much with far too few resources.

Mike Magrath, Features Editor @ 8,100 miles

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